Bristol 10k

Entries for the 2018 Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k on Sunday 13 May are now open!

They are offering a 15% block-purchase discount on the standard entry fee for members of affiliated clubs  This offer is available to clubs purchasing 20 or more places.The discounted entry price is £25.50 per entry.If you would like to take advantage of this offer cheque ( made payable to Bitton Road Runners) or cash with full name and  e mail address to Jan Isaac or to another committee member who will pass it on to me .We couldn't get discounted half marathon places as we didn't have enough runners  and then  many club  members ran it paying full price so if you want to run it , it makes sense to do a club block purchase. Pass on the word to members who are not on FB.

Posted: 08 January 2018

Cadence events

Cadence Events have given us our very own discount code to enter any of their events in 2018. Sutton Benger is in Race of 8. All the races are now open so take advantage  of a 15% discount. Use Discount code BITTON15

Posted: 08 January 2018

Race of 8 events for 2018/19

15/04/18 Frenchay 10k - 

06/05/18 Run the River 15K-

28/05/18 Hogweed Trot 10k - 

05/07/18 Tintern Trot-  approx 6 miles

26/08/18 Severn Bridge Half Marathon- 

02/09/18 Wentwood Wood Lark approx 8 miles

16/09/18 Melksham 10k 

21/10/18 White Horse Gallop 

18/11/18 Sutton Benger Flyer 5 miles


2019 Dates TBA

Doynton Hard Hilly Half

Slaughterford 9

Wiltshire 10 miles

Walcott Whopper 10k

Plus your best result from any of the Bitton 5k series.

Posted: 08 January 2018

Footprint Monthly

The latest edition of Footprint is now available here.

Posted: 08 January 2018

Whitehall Track Session

Whitehall Track session. Tues 2nd Jan

Due to quite a few people wanting to be back at track a week earlier than originally planned- the first (bonus!) Track session of 2018 is on Tuesday night-Please arrive around 6.45 to warm up if time permits. The main session starts at 7pm.

It will be 8 x 500m efforts with 300m jog recoveries.

Posted: 30 December 2017

Club Vests

Club Vests are now available from Chris and Janet Brown. Easy Runner no longer stock the vests. The vests will be priced at £16.00 (make cheques payable to 'Bitton Road Runners'). Please pre-order the vests, they will not be stored at club and will need to be paid for before you are given one. The vests are now made of a more modern fabric. Sizeing is the same as the old vests: Mens-XXL, XL, L, M, S        Ladies- XL, L, M, S, XS,. 

Club vests must be worn for all club competitions and team events.

Posted: 25 June 2013