EGM & London Draw

Last night we had the EGM and it was voted that the Club Captains and Vice Captains will be elected at an EGM in September- same voting rules will apply . This will help the organisation of The Castles and Cotswolds. Consequently our current Club Captains will continue until next September.

In addition we voted to change the wording of the constitution so that it is clear that BRR is a not for profit organisation and in the event of the club  being dissolved any remaining assets will be donated to our chosen charity. These changes have been made to make our constitution compliant and it enables us to apply for sponsorship for events from other organisations such as banks .

AND the London marathon draw was as follows:

1 James Wade

2. Sam Jeffries

3. Carol Williams

4. Jude Latham Timmins

5. Matthew Brace

6.Andy Mining

7. Kate Shoesmith

8. Michelle Silsbury Bacey

9. Chris Palmer

10. Stacy Ward

11. Robert Hollister

12. Russel Silsbury Bacey

13. Andy Blacker 

14. Rebecca Webster Pickford

15. Richard Kershaw

16. Francesca Andrews 

I need to apply for places in mid November so I'll keep you informed. Good luck Jimmer and Sam ( we are likely to get 2 places) - get training. Something to keep you busy once the Slog is out of the way.

Finally - thank you to everyone who contributed to the 'Bring and Buy'- cakes and snacks and to Tabi and Trudy Jenkins for their hard work. £195 raised for the juniors..

Posted: 03 November 2017
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