Thursday Coach Led Groups - New Format

In order to remove this rigidness From Thursday 30th August the paced led coached groups will change their names and format. We are introducing a more flexible and, therefore, hopefully more rewarding format.
Now all groups will work to a predicted 10K finish time.
In order to figure out which group is best for you, you should ask yourself "what time would I hope to get if I run a 10K this weekend"? Then that is the group you should run with.
So, below are the new groups and who is coaching them, the coach’s groups operate as they did before but with more groups so the jump between groups isn’t so big.
New group                  Group leaders
Starter 10K                    Taz and Brian
60+ minute 10K            Sue and Pat
60 minute 10K               Dave and Mandy
55 minute 10K               Steve & Dave
50 minute 10K               Andy & Neil
45 minute 10K               Chris Palmer
40 minute 10K               Mike Blackmore
You will not be expected to run at that 10K pace throughout the training run, but the coach may introduce efforts that are appropriate to each session.
This will allow for more flexibility throughout each individual’s training cycle.
Please also note, that on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at club you do not have to run with a coach unless you wish to. You still have the option to run the three routes on the board, as we always have.
Also, starting from Thursday 6th September and continuing throughout the Autumn and Winter season will be hill training, this year led by Tez and Alyson.
Any questions please ask Tez!
Posted: 02 September 2018
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