Cotswolds Way Relay 2024 (Saturday 6th July)

103 miles, 10 Stages from Chipping Campden to Bath

For more information, please visit Cotswolds Way Relay Web site

Stage Start Finish Start Time Cut off time Distance Ascent
1 Chipping Campden Stanway House 07:00 2:30 19.4K
A 392m
D 444m
2 Stanway House Cleeve Common 08:15 2:30 19K
A 525m
D 366m
3 Cleeve Common Seven Springs 09:30 1:45 13.2K
8.3 M
A 327m
D 371m
4 Seven Springs
(New length)
Cranham Corner 10:25 2:30 19.9K
A 406m
D 388m
5 Cranham corner
(New length)
Ebley Mill 11:45 2:30 19.1K
A 307m
D 503m
6 Dudbridge Dursley 13:00 2:00 14K
8.7 M
A 409m
D 367m
7 Dursley Wotton U Edge 14:00 1:45 12.1K
7.5 M
A 292m
D 299m
8 Wooton U Edge Old Sodbury 14:45 2:30 19.4K
A 404m
D 360m
9 Old Sodbury Cold Ashton 16:00 2:00 14.8K
A 240m
D 148m
10 Cold Ashton
(New length)
Bath Royal Ave 17:00 2:00 15.7K
A 240m
D 410m
Leg Start Time Bitton Ladies Bitton & Twisted Bitton Mixed
1 07:00 Lynette Porter Sam West Andy Mining
2 08:15 Jess Bruce Carlton Hobbs Sally Curnow
3 09:30 Katie Vooght Pete Major Natalie Whiteford
4 10:25 Rachel Stowell Chris Stiff Chris Whiteford
5 11:45 Anna Avery Patrick Searle Arwel Roberts
6 13:00 Fiona Blackmore Matt Wood Wayne Ellis
7 14:00 Lucy Wallace Kyle Simmons Tracy Ward
8 14:45 Chloe Parsons Max Benett John Bond
9 16:00 Lisa Newing Mike Blackmore Neil Davies
10 17:00 Liz Sanigar Rob Farley Matt Spear

Updated Tue 27th June

If you swap legs please notify the Whatsapp Group or E-Mail so I can keep this list up to date


  • Jak Martin
  • Kaisha Thatcher