Bitton Road Runners Time Trial Competition 2021-22

The Bitton Road Runners Time Trial competition, organised by Chris Brown last year, were run with great success. I am hoping to continue the trend and get the competition going again. This will take us into the new season and into the Club Championships and the Race of 8 in 2022!!
You can run the distances as fast as you can or submit training times. The idea is to give members something to work towards each month and get/keep ourselves racing fit.
Each month up to the end of the club membership year will be a distance for you to record a time for. The distances get progressively longer so all members have plenty of time to build fitness to compete across all distances:
  • September: 1 mile
  • October: 5k
  • November: 5 mile
  • December: 10k
  • January: 8 mile
  • February: 10 mile
  • March: Half Marathon
Note the 1 mile time trial, which many members have already run, can be used as long as you have the evidence…


  • All distances must be run as road runs (this includes pavement and cycle track).
  • All runs must start and finish at the same location. The only exception is for the club mile trial section of cycle track. NO OTHERS.
  • Accredited race times can be used for a run. Evidence of accredited distance must be provided.
  • You have as many attempts as you like throughout the month but once you submit your time you will not be able to update it, that will be your scoring time.
  • Points will be awarded in the same style as the club championship. 50pts for quickest time, 49pts for second and so on.
    There will be a 15-point bonus for each month you take part in.
  • Prizes for top 3 men and top 3 women in each category as well as top 3 Male and Female Age Graded. Age at 1 September 2021 will determine your category.
    UK Athletics Age Categories will be as follows:
    Open Categories Senior Males SM Men under 40
    SF (Senior Females) Females under 35
    Veteran Categories MV40 Males 40 – 49 years
    FV35 Females 35 – 44 years
    MV50 Males 50 – 59 years
    FV45 Females 45 – 54 years
    MV60 Males 60 – 69 years
    FV55 Females 55 – 64 years
    MV70+ Males 70 + years
    FV65+ Females 65 + years
  • All times and course maps to be submitted to Andy Rogers (with evidence) through any medium you have or via Facebook no later than the last day of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS. Strava or Garmin as evidence. Times must be total elapsed time. No pausing/ autopause.
  • You run at own risk, you are responsible for your own and others safety whilst recording times as per training on your own.
  • First Claim members only. You must be a member when you record your time. New members can join at any period of the competition.