Age Graded Club Championships

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The age graded club championship runs from 1st April through until 31st March each year. Performance precentages and adjusted times are calculated from achieved times using the recognised WAVA open class standard and age factors for each distance as published in 2006. As there are currently no factors for the 20 mile distance this is calculated using the open standard and age factors for 30KM.
The calculation process is fully explained HERE.
The calculation is also shown in detail HERE.

Points are scored for the highest age graded performance percentage in that year by a club member, over the following race distances: Marathon, 20 Miles, 1/2 Marathon, 10 Miles, 10 Kilometres, 5 Miles and 5 Kilometres. 50 points are allocated for the best performance in each distance, with 49 points for the second best and so on down.

Total scores are calculated for each runner as the aggregate of the best five scores over the seven distances. Prizes are awarded for the top ten members. This is a mixed sex competition.

Not all races or members however are eligible for inclusion in the championships. The rules regarding the championships are as follows.

  • The club membership year runs from 1st April through until 31st March. Only first claim members who have joined, or renewed, their membership up to and including 31st May that year will be eligible.
  • Times achieved when racing under another name (ie: using somebody else's number) are not eligible.
  • Only official race results that are displayed on this website will be included in the list of qualifying races.
  • Only races that are accurately measured qualify for inclusion into the championships.

Historical Results:

All of these rules are outlined in the club constitution under the Club Competitions section.

Also see the club championship competition.