Thursday 30th June

Chloe Parsons is off to Australia for 3 months.

To say goodbye she would like to invite everyone to have a drink with her at the club bar after the evening routes this coming Thursday

Posted: 27 June 2022

Steve & Dave’s 10k Thursday nights impro

As we approach half way in the 10k training schedule, it's time to think about putting all the hard work to the test.
We have identified a series of flat 10k races, with official pace makers, through the scenic lanes of Langley Burrell just east of Chippenham and entering won’t break the bank. The races are registered with UKA so your time will be included in Power of 10 and of course the Club Championship, (providing you wear your club vest). Follow the link to find out more about Power Of 10.

Race start time is 20:30. Free parking. Discount available for EA members and for entering all 3 races. Follow the link to enter.
Langley Burrell Fast 10k

Steve & Dave have entered the 2nd race in the series on Friday 8th July.

PS. You don’t have to be in Steve & Dave’s 10k improvers group to enter.

Good luck
Steve & Dave 
Posted: 16 June 2022

May 2022 Newsletter

To catch up with all the fun stuff we've been up to and what's coming up over the next few months, have a look through our Newsletter

May 2022 newsletter

Posted: 23 May 2022

10k Improvers - Heart Rate training

* New for Thursday nights.

Starting Thursday 28th April - 10k Improvers sessions - heart-rate training

Though this weekly coached training session is primarily focused on those who wish to run either a sub 55min or a sub 60min 10k, the session is open to all club members who wish to improve their 10k time or who just wish to know more about heart-rate training. 
Week 1, you will establish your max heart rate, which will form the basis of the training programme over the next 10 weeks or so.
Weekly runs will start off at 4.5 miles moving up to 10k after a couple of weeks.
In June/July the coaches plan to run as pace makers in a local 10k to assist the runners achieving their personal 10k goal.
Not essential but it would help if you have a heart rate monitor as the sessions will be more centred around heart-rate training rather than pace. 
For more information please speak to Steve Herring or Dave Britton
Posted: 25 April 2022

2022 Race of 8

The Race of 8 has been announced with some races attracting discounts.

Frenchay 10k, April 24, 2022 - A 10k charity race held in Frenchay

Bratton Hilly, May 28, 2022 - An 11k picturesque, challenging, multi terrain course with panoramic views held in Bratton and organised by Redfish Events.

* Magor 10k, July 30, 2022: This race was part of the Ro8 in the 2020 season and was deferred due to Covid.  This is also been added to the Race of 8 which makes the Race of 8 the Race of 9!!!  Open to all.  Those who entered in 2020 as well as those entering now.

Severn Bridge Half Marathon, August 28, 2022 - Running between sea and sky over the iconic Severn Bridge organised by Severn Bridge HM Ltd.

Oldbury Power 10 Miler, September 11, 2022 - Fast and flat, the perfect ingredients for a new PB!  Organised by Thornbury RC.

Riverbank Rollick, January, 2023 (TTBC) - A 10 mile off road running event! Fun but challenging.  Organised by Thornbury RC.

Longleat 10k, February (TTBC) - A 10k race starting in front of the magnificent Longleat House... Undulating, hilly and beautifully scenic.  Organised by 2.09 Events

In addition, our own Bitton 5k series (May - August, 2022) and Weston ACs Weston Prom series (September, 2022 - May, 2023) are included with a choice of 4 and 9 races respectively (your fastest race from each series)

Posted: 09 November 2021