10k Improvers - Heart Rate training

* New for Thursday nights.

Starting Thursday 28th April - 10k Improvers sessions - heart-rate training

Though this weekly coached training session is primarily focused on those who wish to run either a sub 55min or a sub 60min 10k, the session is open to all club members who wish to improve their 10k time or who just wish to know more about heart-rate training. 
Week 1, you will establish your max heart rate, which will form the basis of the training programme over the next 10 weeks or so.
Weekly runs will start off at 4.5 miles moving up to 10k after a couple of weeks.
In June/July the coaches plan to run as pace makers in a local 10k to assist the runners achieving their personal 10k goal.
Not essential but it would help if you have a heart rate monitor as the sessions will be more centred around heart-rate training rather than pace. 
For more information please speak to Steve Herring or Dave Britton
Posted: 25 April 2022
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